Privacy and Cookies Terms

UNIS Group's official website uses cookies (small text files that the website installs on a computer, tablet or phone) to provide you with an effective and easy-to-navigate website. Cookies are installed by These cookies can improve the performance of the UNIS Group's official website and monitor the website's visits, thereby helping the UNIS Group to understand the user visits to the website within a certain period of time. UNIS only processes website data collectively and does not track personal computers or individual users. You can refuse to install cookies by setting your browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

Given below is a list of cookies, their function and the time for which they will remain stored on your computer.

Google Analytics (__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz):

Google analytics is a web analysis service offered by Google Inc. These cookies provide us with information about visits to the website. This information includes the number of visitors, popular pages and subjects. This makes it possible for us to gear our communication more precisely to the needs of the website visitors. UNIS Group cannot see who (which PC) has visited its website. As the provider of the service, Google is however able to see this. More information about the Google Analytics cookies is given on the next page. Additional information about the ToS (Terms of Service) of Google Analytics is given her e.

Storage period:
__utma, 2 years following installation or update
__utmb, 30 minutes following installation or update
__utmc, valid during the session, no longer applicable
__utmz, 6 months following installation or update
__utmv, 2 years following installation or update
__utmx, 2 years following installation or update

Add this:

Flash cookies are installed to enable you to share products or services using the social media buttons on the website.

Storage period:
Maximum 90 days.