Power Repair

15 may 2017

From now on, UNIS Group will provide you with power-specific maintenance services! UNIS Group has the relevant knowledge to repair power supplies. In order to enable professional testing of the repaired power supply, we have created a complete UV drying system to reproduce the functions of the power supply system, including the required hardware, lamp cooling, and human machine interface (HMI). The test device can better test the repaired power supply and ensure that its functions can be operated normally.

Repair service power

Ultraviolet (UV) drying systems were developed for the printing industry. The drying system is designed to dry liquids quickly with UV light. An example of this is printer inks for printing newspapers and magazines.

In the printing press, a plurality of printing stations respectively print different colors of ink on the paper. The function of a powerful UV lamp is to dry the ink between two printing stations. These so-called drying units work well with printing stations to print multilayer inks quickly and continuously without contaminating the printing press.

The powerful UV lamps in the drying system are controlled by a power supply, which is an electronic power supply designed for this purpose. It is common in printing presses to use multiple controllers connected to the master and multiple slaves.

We want to solve the problem of how to extend the life of these power systems.

Advantages of repair services:

  • lower the cost
  • Extend the life of UV systems
  • Postpone buying new parts
  • Unique test equipment and professional maintenance skills
  • Includes 1 year warranty

Are you interested?

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