Counting machine and counting head

13 February 2018

Tablet counting machines are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, where tablets can be quickly filled with accurate quantities of pills, tablets or capsules. To prevent over-dispensing, such machinery must be operated properly.

Each tablet contains fragile parts

Two circuit boards that can communicate with each other are set at the end of the transmission line. On the printed circuit board are installed infrared light emitting diodes and photodiodes that can recognize light blocking pills, tablets or capsules. In this way, drugs can be accurately counted at high speed. However, after a period of time, the infrared light emitting diodes will dim or the circuit board will be deformed, so it is sometimes impossible to accurately detect the quantity.

UNIS Group provides (preventive) maintenance of customers' counting heads:

We have various models of LEDs and wearing parts in our inventory and provide related replacement services.
We detect the position of the light emitting diodes and their function with the photodiodes.
We calibrate and position strictly in accordance with specifications to ensure that the beam is accurately matched to the photodiode.
We have specially developed test equipment that can comprehensively check the function of the counting head after maintenance, so the counting head can be accurately counted after it is installed on the tablet machine.
We offer a 1-year warranty.
The number of parts in our inventory exceeds 1,000,000, including parts that have been outdated for many years and parts that have been discontinued. Therefore, we can provide you with maintenance services that last for many years.

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