Industrial Electronic Equipment Repair

UNIS Group maintains more than 41,000 electronic devices every year. The European repair center is in the Netherlands, the South American repair center is in Brazil, and the Chinese repair center is in Shanghai. It has a professional board-level maintenance engineer team and is equipped with a large number of advanced measuring tools and testing equipment. The UNIS Group can not only repair new equipment, but also provide "out of life" equipment maintenance. Click to learn more about maintenance and testing procedures .  

Fixed price

You will receive a quotation after the faulty equipment arrives at the repair center. UNIS Group's database contains fixed repair prices for more than 300,000 different industrial electronic equipment. The fixed maintenance price on the quotation you receive is the final maintenance charge, so you can understand the consumption.

"No effect, no fees"

All repairs follow the "no effect, no charge" principle. There is no charge for unrepaired electronic equipment. According to our agreement, the repair room will be returned to you or recycled in a responsible manner.

Spare Parts Analysis

Repair lead times depend on the availability of spare parts for repairs. If the required parts are not in stock, it will seriously affect the repair speed. In order to maximize the maintenance efficiency, UNIS Maintenance Group has taken the following measures:

  • Automatic inventory reservation system. The automatic inventory reservation system of the Dutch UNIS maintenance group can automatically send order information to suppliers when the spare parts reach the minimum inventory level.
  • Spare parts analysis department. The spare parts analysis department of the Netherlands UNIS Repair Group will analyze the composition of all unknown industrial electronic equipment and purchase non-stocked spare parts accordingly.

The UNIS maintenance group in the Netherlands has more than 38 000 different spare parts.

Preventive maintenance

When repairing faulty electronic equipment, UNIS Repair Group not only replaces damaged parts, but also performs preventative maintenance and replaces all aging and vulnerable parts. Preventive maintenance can minimize equipment failures.

Preventive maintenance and replacement of aging parts can prevent further damage to other components and minimize the risk of complete scrap of electronic equipment.

Preventive maintenance is also available as a separate service. After preventive maintenance of your electronic equipment, the risk of production shutdown is reduced to the greatest extent. At the same time, you can also develop your own maintenance plan to be prepared.

For more details on preventive maintenance, please consult our sales team.

Industrial Electronic Equipment Repair