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What is a drive?

The driver is also called a frequency controller, and the speed of the motor is controlled by adjusting the rotation speed (speed) of the rotating shaft of the motor. As the frequency increases, the motor shaft (rotor) rotates faster. On the contrary, the frequency is reduced, that is, the motor shaft (rotor) rotates more slowly. UNIS Group specializes in repairing inverters, servo drives and soft starters.

What is the purpose of the drive?

At present, inverters are most commonly used in the industrial field, such as for speed control of conveyor belts and fans, lifting and pumping operations, wood and metal processing of various materials that require variable-speed operation, and variable-speed control can be achieved using drives.

Drive advantage

Drives have several advantages, including:

  • Energy saving
  • Constant voltage and constant frequency;
  • Protect the motor to a certain extent;
  • Reduce the mechanical pressure of the device;
  • Improve productivity and production quality.

Drive repair

The UNIS Group has many years of experience in repairing new and old models of drives, and is equipped with more than 300 professionally designed test systems that can test brands ranging from Siemens , ABB and Danfoss to various series of electronic control units. The variable-speed drive has a maintenance power of up to 110 kilowatts and a maximum warranty period of 2 years.