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CNC 数控 What is CNC ?

数控(计算机数控)是指计算机数字控制的车床和铣床简称。 CNC numerical control (computer numerical control) refers to computer-controlled lathes and milling machines for short. 组件一般应用于木材,塑料,金属加工业,以完成精确切割。 CNC components are generally used in the wood, plastic, and metal processing industries to achieve precise cutting. With the advancement of technology, the application fields of CNC machine tools have become wider and more diverse, such as laser cutting, EDM cutting and other new processes.

控制器的用途? What is the purpose of the CNC controller?

控制器是 CNC 系统的大脑。 The CNC controller is the brain of the CNC system. The controller is an important connection between the computer system and the mechanical parts of the CNC machine tool. , 并通过马达输出将这些信号解释为机械运动。 The main task of the controller is to receive signals from a computer or conditional retrieval , and interpret these signals as mechanical movements through motor output. , 以产生所需的马达运动。 The controller works with each of the other components to produce the required motor motion. , 激光切割 , 焊接 , 弯曲和冲压, 特别适用于大量复杂产品的生产。 Often used in material processing, such as laser cutting , welding , bending and stamping, especially suitable for the production of a large number of complex products.

数控的优势? Advantages of CNC ?

数控在应用中有很多优势,其中包含: CNC has many advantages in applications, including:

  • High accuracy and low downtime
  • Guarantee product quality and stability
  • Achieve flexible and versatile machine control

数控的维修? CNC maintenance?

集团专注于工业电子设备维修,在 CNC 组件维修领域经验丰富。 UNIS Group specializes in the maintenance of industrial electronic equipment and has extensive experience in the field of CNC component maintenance. The repair scope covers all brands, models and series of CNC components, such as controllers, interface cards, power supplies, control panels and feedback loops. 成功后(通讯端口、安全电路、参数存储器等)享有最长达 2 年的保修期。 After the test is successful (communication port, safety circuit, parameter memory, etc.) , the warranty period is up to 2 years. 集团在中国已帮助众多客户解决了 CNC 组件故障,合作的伙伴包括西门子发那科海德汉等国际品牌。 UNIS Group in China has helped many customers solve CNC component failures, and partners include international brands such as Siemens , FANUC and HEIDENHAIN .