The basis of the cycle

One of the hot topics of global debate in 2019 is how to ensure future circular development. The Universe Group realized the importance of cyclical development earlier and proposed to adhere to the core of corporate services: the sustainability and recyclability of development. Since its creation in 1984, the purpose of the service is to ensure that the equipment used by users around the world last longer, without having to be forced to invest in new equipment due to problems such as failure. We effectively provide users with industrial electronic equipment repair services. Even if the components supporting the old equipment are discontinued and cannot be repaired, we will propose effective alternative solutions for users.

Give obsolete or faulty equipment a second life, return it to the production line, and help recyclable industry.

The Sonus Group gives the faulty electronic equipment a second life! The Universe Group provides users with sustainable maintenance and after-sales services to extend the service life of industrial electronic equipment. Long-term commitment to the recycling of old and new electronic equipment. To the maximum extent, it can be recycled or decomposed in an environmentally friendly manner to reduce environmental pollution and create a better world with you.

Work together to create a better future for sustainable and recyclable industries, please contact us .