Industrial electronics equipment repair specialist

UNIS Group was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Europe and the Netherlands. As of 2017, it has 15 branches and offices around the world, with more than 300 employees worldwide. Uniox (Shanghai) Electronic Equipment Maintenance Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UNIS Group in China, with a maintenance base covering an area of nearly 1,000 square meters. We are an international professional maintenance organization, focusing on the maintenance and sales services of industrial electronic equipment. All electronic equipment is cleaned, repaired and tested in strict compliance with high quality standards.

Professional and efficient maintenance

In order to provide professional and efficient maintenance services, UNIS Group has an expert-level technical team and is equipped with a variety of cutting-edge measurement tools and comprehensive test benches. Sufficient and large spare parts library is a powerful guarantee for rapid response maintenance.

From PLC to inverter, from HMI human machine interface to robot electronics, UNIS Group is your preferred partner in the field of industrial electronic equipment services:

  • PLC programmable logic controller
  • Inverter
  • Soft starter
  • Servo drive
  • CNC machine tools
  • Robot electronics
  • servo motor
  • HMI human-machine interface: operation panel, touch screen, display
  • Programming device
  • Industrial Power
  • Industrial computer
  • PCB printed circuit board

UNIS Maintenance Group provides continuous services

The UNIS Group, like you, wants the existing equipment to be durable. Because of this, we not only repair the latest equipment at the moment, but also repair the "end of life" equipment. With UNIS Group providing you with long-term maintenance, you no longer have to worry about forced equipment upgrades or temporary additional investments.


Quality is the foundation of UNIS Maintenance Group. Improving quality and continuous improvement are our diligent goals. The UNIS Group has obtained the following certifications :

  • Quality certification: ISO 9001
  • Environmental certification: ISO 14001
  • Safety certification: OHSAS 18001


Our repair, sales and replacement services will provide you with up to 2 years warranty.

"No effect, no fees"

UNIS Group implements a fixed price policy, which clearly lists the price, first quotes and then repairs, and you can know the final repair cost before the repair starts. All repairs follow the "no effect, no charge" principle.

Thousands of companies have chosen the UNIS Group as their sole partner in the field of industrial maintenance to solve production problems through the repair (or replacement) services we provide. To learn how the UNIS Group escorts your production, please feel free to call our sales department. UNIS Repair Group will be happy to provide you with reasonable advice on the management, maintenance and repair of industrial electronic equipment.